The Ocean Energy Institute

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VisionArc was commissioned by the Ocean energy Institute in Maine to produce a research report on the broader potential of its institutional mission and preliminary program concepts for a future facility.

The Ocean Energy Institute will be a research and investment center dedicated to the harnessing of ocean wind resources and the next generation of renewable energy technology. VisionArc produced a comprehensive report that sought to expand this agenda by locating critical challenges within the State’s energy profile and natural resources industries. The development of Maine’s offshore wind energy potential was studied as the hinge connecting these challenges to the broader goal of the State’s long-term economic and environmental sustainability. The research was used to inform the design of a robust institutional framework capable of addressing these goals within the Institute’s mission.

VisionArc is currently collaborating with Toshiko Mori Architect to develop an architectural strategy for the new Ocean Energy Institute being planned for a site in Rockland, Maine.

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