World Economic Forum: Re-map

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For the 2009 World Economic Forum: Summit on the Global Agenda, in Dubai, the WEF approached VisionArc to design a plan encouraging new connections between the different Global Agenda Councils.

The Council area is organized into 9 thematic clusters, each housing discussion areas for individual Global Agenda Councils. To better facilitate the interconnections between different Councils, VisionArc suggested various ways to curate the nine clusters and their respective Councils. Not only did the final layout of the Council area consider the optimal positioning of the nine clusters and their potential links, but it also incorporated more nuanced and interpretive groupings. Three guiding meta-themes were used to categorize each Council within the cluster- people, places and connections. These themes sought to find new synergies, concepts and the sharing of best practices for each Global Agenda Council within a flexible and transformative platform.

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